SafetyNet Security Group is a licensed Security Company with operations throughout UK. We are one of the largest Security Manpower Companies in the country. SafetyNet Security Group specialises in the delivery of high quality security services - predominantly to corporate businesses.

We bring to the market a level of service that is comprehensive, highly reliable, and well supported.

SafetyNet Security Group has significant management infrastructure, including operations management staff responsible for each area of its business, and a substantial resource of Field Supervisors. Our Officers, deployed throughout the UK are responsible for the safety and security of thousands of client’s premises and properties.

Having one of the largest Security Patrol fleets in the country sees Safetynet Security ideally placed to protect and respond to client’s premises and property, whilst also deploying significant numbers of On-Site Officers at client’s premises. The provision of on-call/support security staff is also a very important component of SafetyNet Security Group's service offering.
Our success is linked strongly with the close relationships we maintain with our clients. We provide a high quality product that works in unison with our clients' business objectives.

The mandate for SafetyNet Security Group is to protect the integrity of our clients. This level of ownership extends past the protection of physical assets and personal welfare to include the credibility of our clients' business operations and branding image.

Our clients include some of the largest blue chip companies in UK, City Councils and Embassies.