We recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. They include customers, employees, regulators, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.
  • We Recognise That Our Social, Economic And Environmental Responsibilities To These Stakeholders Are Integral To Our Business. We Aim To Demonstrate These Responsibilities Through Our Actions And Within Our Corporate Policies.
  •  We Take Seriously All Feedback That We Receive From Our Stakeholders And Where Possible, Maintain Open Dialogue To Ensure That We Fulfil The Requirements Outlined Within This Policy.
  • We Shall Be Open And Honest In Communicating Our Strategies, Targets, Performance And Governance To Our Stakeholders In Our Continual Commitment To Sustainable Development.
  • We Shall Strive To Improve Our Environmental Performance Through Implementation Of Our Environmental Policy.
  • We Shall Ensure A High Level Of Business Performance While Minimising And Effectively Managing Risk.
  • We Will Register And Resolve Client Complaints In Accordance With Our Published Standards Of Service.
  • We Shall Support And Encourage Our Employees To Help Local Community Organisations And Activities Within Their Local Area.
  • We Shall Operate An Equal Opportunities Policy For All Present And Future Employees.
  • We Will Offer Our Employees Clear And Fair Terms Of Employment And Provide Resources To Enable Their Continual Development.
  • We Shall Maintain A Clear And Fair Employee Remuneration Policy And Shall Maintain Forums For Employee Consultation And Business Involvement.
  • We Shall Provide Safe Officers To ensure That All Employees Are Treated With Respect And Without Sexual, Physical Or Mental Harassment.
  • We Shall Provide And Strive To Maintain, A Clean, Healthy And Safe Working Environment For Our Employees.
  • We Shall Uphold The Values Of Honesty, Partnership And Fairness In Our Relationships With Stakeholders.
  • Our Contracts Will Clearly Set Out The Agreed Terms, Conditions And The Basis Of Our Relationship.
  • We Will Operate In A Way That Safeguard Against Unfair Business Practices.
  • We Shall Encourage Suppliers And Contractors To Adopt Responsible Business Policies And Practices For Mutual Benefit.