SafetyNet Security Group has fostered and promoted expansive training programmes to ensure a respectful, courteous, friendly and efficient approach to meeting and greeting visitors. Our security personnel will also be carefully trained and uniformed to reflect the style and culture of each business and the working environment.

SafetyNet Security Group understands with the volatile modern economy, commercial and office buildings are becoming a prime target for computer equipment theft, vandalism, vehicle break-in’s and most important, pedestrian robbery.

Managing an office building brings many important responsibilities. One of the most important is competent security management. Commercial and Office building security is essential in order to keep employees, their belongings and the assets of your business safe.

Totally Secured

With 24 hour security, our customers can rest assured that their business is safe and secured.

  • Access Control
  • Search Procedures
  • Internal And External Building Patrols
  • CCTV & Remote Surveillance
  • Energy Conservation
  • Out Of Hours Telephone Response
  • Disability Awareness
  • Health And Safety Procedures
  • Uniform Security Patrol
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Customer Service
  • First Aid Assistance
  • Parking Enforcement
If you would like further information on how Safetynet Security Group can support your organisation, please contact us.