We view and advocate that all members of staff should look forward to coming to work, where they will find a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

In turn, we have no doubt that our staff will reflect their contentment both in their commitment to the firm, but also in the way in which they deal with you as a client.

We make sure that our staff are fully trained and up to date with developments in their area of expertise. We also encourage staff to obtain further qualifications both in furthering their career, and in furthering the expertise that the firm is able to offer.

Our commitment is reflected in the company going from strength to strength and SafetyNet team’s enduring support for our clientele. Our commitment to our staff is not purely restricted to work.

We also offer an unrivalled package of personal benefits to our staff as part of our commitment to them.

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SafetyNet Security Group appreciates and is well informed of the potential impact that businesses can have upon the environment.

SafetyNet Security Group recognizes its responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment for future generations. As a responsible firm, we understand that the long-term well-being of society, the well-being of our employees, the strength of the global economy, and the continuing success of our own business depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment.
SafetyNet Security Group has, for many years, conducted business and implemented strategic and operational decisions with environmental sustainability as a core corporate principle, and we have now elevated this principle as an integral part of our business agenda. We are reaffirming our commitment to integrate environmentally friendly policies and practices into our organization by operating in a manner that promotes energy and materials conservation, as well as waste reduction. We are also committed to assist our clients in analyzing, reducing, and managing their own environmental impact and risks.

Our sustainability program has three components:

  • Our Commitment To Take Action To Reduce The Sustainability Impact Of Our Own Activities. 
  • Our Commitment To Provide Our Clients With The Expertise, Advice, Products And Solutions That Help Them With Their Own Sustainable Challenges And To Support Them With Opportunities Where Environmental Issues Are Present. 
  • Our Commitment To Provide Our Employees With An Environmentally Conscious Workplace. 

SafetyNet Security Group will continue to work to develop and implement environmentally responsible business practices throughout our organization and strive for the sustainable growth of both our own and our clients' businesses. We encourage our employees to join us in the journey by supporting and furthering our environmental efforts.

In this respect, whenever we make any choice regarding equipment or energy usage, we also consider the effect that our choice will have upon the environment.

We are committed to:

  • Recycling Any Paper Wherever Possible
  • Ensuring That Any Equipment Uses As Little Energy As Possible
  • Constantly Reviewing The Energy Requirements Of The Business, Particularly In Relation To Lighting And Heating
  • Obtaining External Assessment Of Our Energy Usage And Guidance As To How This Could Be Minimised, Either By Altering Working Practices Or Where Appropriate, Conserving Existing Energy
“We also ensure that we recycle anything that may be recycled, from toner cartridges to the packaging for our lunches!”