We are fully aware of our responsibilities to society and therefore play an active role in our circles of influence in promoting social development. We integrate environmental, social and governance issues into both our own operations and our decision-making practice. Throughout our history, we have been closely intertwined with the community through our customers, planners, employees and stakeholders, therefore we believe it is important to invest responsibly.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is core to all aspects of our operations. This commitment means an approach to security which is consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards; and it's reflected in our dealings with our clients, our staff and the wider community. This commitment makes us a better security firm, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

Our corporate social responsibility programme, which includes community involvement, diversity, place to work and environmental initiatives, helps us to turn these beliefs into action and aims to integrate our social and environmental concerns with our day to day operations and our dealings with our clients and the wider community.

We have introduced a set of Behavioural Standards, formulated by our staff, not imposed on them, which applicable to all relationships within the business. Respect for others and dignity at work are key elements of these Standards. We have developed this further and now diversity and disability awareness training is standard across our major contracts. We will continue to extend this training until, with client agreement; it becomes standard across our entire portfolio of contracts.

“By keeping corporate responsibility high on our agenda, and by encouraging every employee to take our corporate responsibilities in account on a day-to-day basis, SafetyNet Security Group will continue to be an exemplar of corporate responsibility and recognised as a good service providor, employer and neighbour.”