This is a specialist area of security; events of any size introduce risks to those who attend. It is essential that public safety comes first. We want your visitors to be safe and enjoy your event. SafetyNet Security Group has vast experience with event security management.

Our Event Staff are trained in Crowd Control, Evacuation Procedures, First Aid, Counter Terrorism Procedures, Pit Control, Parking Management and Traffic Control. In summary we offer a complete service to clients.

From comprehensive Risk Assessments, Health & Safety aspects, Visitor Management and Deployment Strategies you can be sure that your event will be safe. All Safety Advisory Group meetings will have a representative of SafetyNet Security Group present to represent you to ensure all local authority codes of practices are adhered to.

Our induction process involves “Operation Fairway” and “Operation Argus” which gives our operatives an appreciation of the awareness of protecting the public against potential acts of terror.