Here you will find lots of questions and answers about the services and employment opportunities provided by SafetyNet Security Group Ltd

Are you licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority)?
All security officers employed by Safetynet Security Group are licensed by the SIA. This license means they meet the SIA’s exacting standards and have been trained in

  • The Security Industry, and roles and responsibilities of Security Officers, including Health and Safety at Work, the Law, Customer Care and Social Skills, and Security and Emergency Systems.
  • Communication Skills and Conflict Management.

Are you on the ACS - the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme?
We achieved ACS status in 2006, showing that the quality of our services and people meets the highest industry standards. Our membership of ACS confirms that Safetynet Security Group are providers of

  • SIA licensed staff
  • SIA licensed directors
  • Fit and proper management
  • No significant complaints against the organisation or our senior management

Why is SIA licensing & ACS important for security services?
If you use an ACS member, you can be absolutely certain that their security officers are licensed, and that your supplier is amongst the best providers of private security services in England and Wales By choosing SAFETYNET SECURITY LTD, you can be confident that you’ve chosen one of the very best security providers in the business. Using our professional key holding service means you automatically comply with ACPO.

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Are all your security officers screened?
All our officers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed, which means they have been rigorously screened and tested to the SIA’s standards.

What training do your officers undergo?
In addition to the SIA training for the SIA license, our security officers undergo rigorous training covering
Introduction to the Security Officer’s duties

  • Assignment Instructions
  • Reporting
  • Patrolling
  • Fire
  • General Duties
  • Search procedures
  • Major incidents
  • Electronic devices

Do you comply with any quality standards?
We maintain a documented Quality System which meets the requirements of BS.EN.ISO 9001:2000. In addition, the Quality System addresses all of those requirements of both BS7499:2002 & BS7984:2001 and B7858:2006, which are relevant to the Company’s operation.

What about H&S training?
Safetynet Security Group employees receive a planned induction which includes the health, safety, welfare policies, procedures and organisation both of Safetynet Security Group, and the Client, whichever policy has been adopted. Safetynet Security Group employees are given a tour of the premises and introduced to staff and welfare facilities. Emergency exits and routes are pointed out, as is firefighting equipment.

Do you use agency security officers?
No, all our security officers are employed by Safetynet Security Group so we can ensure the right training, quality and a focus on service.

What is ACPO and why is it important?
ACPO is the Association of Chief Police Officers. If a company doesn’t comply with ACPO policy, police may withdraw response to the premises.

ACPO requires that each site must have at least two key holders; one has to be available at all times, and both must have a phone, transport and the ability to respond quickly to a request to attend.

In addition, you won’t be allowed to tell the Police about any alarm activations unless key holding information is available.
Using Safetynet Security Group key holding services means you automatically comply with ACPO.

Do you practice TUPE?
We have a lot of experience in TUPE and all issues surrounding the transfer of incumbent staff will be dealt professionally and sensitively.
Jobs, Careers & Employment:

Which business stream will I work in?
You may be asked to work in any of the following business streams:

  • Security
  • Administration
  • Consultancy
  • Electronic Monitoring

What hours will I have to work?
Hours vary according to the business in which you are based. However, you will need to be prepared to work shifts and these may cover days, evenings, nights and weekends.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
This depends on the business you work for. If you are required to wear a uniform you will be issued one once you have completed your initial training course.

What is involved in the security screening process?
As part of the Safetynet Security Group screening, references will be taken up from all the previous employers you have declared to us and any others, which may come to light during the screening process, as well as personal and educational referees. The company will verify all your details going back ten years, or back to the date you left school, whichever is the shorter. This process may continue after we have offered you a job. Offers of employment are made on the condition that you pass the security screening process. Our aim is to complete vetting within three months.

Do you have other roles available?
All vacancies are advertised on the Safetynet Security Group website, news papers and the job centres.

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