SafetyNet Security Group’s approach to Retail Security is one of flexibility our expertise is unrivalled throughout the UK. We offer a secure package collection that includes delivery to plain clothes patrols protecting your property and staff, as well as the more traditional approach of uniformed officers ‘the visible deterrent.’

Continuous improvement is a must for SafetyNet Security Group, therefore staff are trained to current standards. Our retail security officers receive quarterly in house training enhancing and consolidating topic areas such as conflict Resolution, Stock Protection, Customer Satisfaction, Suspicious Package Identification and Management, Covert Operations (RIPA compliant) and Safe Detention Methods.

Dealing with customer theft is an important issue. We train our staff to react in a professional and pre-determined manner, so that we can resolve and diffusive difficult situations quickly and calmly.

Staff are also trained in CCTV operations which complement and support the officers on the ground

Our security officers are experts when it comes to loss prevention and can advise you on a variety of security solutions:

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV)

We will carry out a survey to assess your business in order to recommend a CCTV system suitable for you

Installation and Maintenance

Our specialist team will install your CCTV system and provide its maintenance, regulate it accordingly and even manage it for you

Alarm systems

Our staff will fix the alarms in areas of high risk where thefts are most likely to occur

Access control

Allowing access in certain areas using automated cards

Key Holding

Holding keys to your premises, should an emergency arise our officers will respond to all alarm activations to ensure your business is safe from danger

Security Officers

Professionally trained, all our officers are fully vetted to Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards, delivering the best and safest service possible. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and crime patterns, our security officers can take control as well as adapt to a number of circumstances. From monitoring car parks to providing security in retail outlets, not only do we deal with emergencies such as bomb alerts but we can also offer basic first aid assistance.

Accompanied Visits

The Accompanied Visit service has been designed to protect our customers' most valuable asset - employees.
If the presence of a staff key holder is required following an alarm activation, Safetynet Security Group can offer an escort service to collect from their home address and return them safely after their tasks have been completed.